Satelcom Limited is a leading communications service provider offering high-quality managed networks solutions across three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa.
Satelcom efficient and unique infrastructure in combination with the distinguished operational expertise and the highly trained support personnel, offers state of the art competitive services that can satisfy its customers globally. Satelcom multiple years of experience is focused in satellite technologies, designing, developing and managing highly complex networks as well as multiplexing of audio-visual content. Its solutions support a wide variety of voice, data, video and multimedia applications for B2B activities and critical environments such as oil & gas exploration.

Mission critical integrated systems

We are combining LTE and satellite to provide the state of the art end-to-end Mission Critical Network infrastructure that meet : High capacity, high security, high resiliency and very quick deployment.

eLTE, Our best proposal for robust coverage and rich services

eLTE technology combines the most powerful Mobile Broadband solution and professional trunking.

The solution not only instantly realizes a reliable, traditional PMR network, but it also incorporates broadband service delivery, including images, data, and video

Satellite, Our best proposal for resiliency and quick setup

satellite is unaffected by terrestrial issues where damage to ground equipment or to the wired infrastructure.

Satellite can be widespread. Satellite also can provide redundancy and is easily deployed on short notice.

Application of Mission critical integrated systems to various sectors such as:

Public Safety

Municipal Government, Police & Fire Brigades, Campus Security,
Border Control Officials, Emergency Response & Rescue

Traffic & Transportation

Airport, Railway/Subway, Harbour, City Traffic Monitoring

Utilities & Natural Resource

Utility Smart Grid, Oil/Gas Fields/refineries, Metallurgy, Mining

Provision of VNO Solutions


Our Partners as a HNO (Hosting Network Operator):

• Provides dedicated space capacity (Mbps).

• Performs the operation and maintenance of the HUBs used to  provide the service as well as the allocation of Slots dedicated  to each client.

• Manages the global network (NMS) and the whole HUB  equipment.

• Provides training and consultancy about the operation of the


• Is able to provide room for the installation of additional  hardware and software that may be required by the ISP.

The ISP operates as VNO:

Defines and manages its own products and services.

• Sets the quality of service policies (QoS policy) and the FUP policies by

product using the terminal profiles.

Manages the terminals: purchasing, installation, provision, acceptance,  maintenance and solution of possible operational problems

• Controls, supervises and monitors its own network of terminals, access

to the web portal and the incidents management portal.

• Maintains two reference terminals active to detect and diagnose  troubleshooting and incidents.

Invoice to the end user of the service provided.

Managed Services

Provision through our partners, platforms that allow operators to offer high performance managed capacity services


Oriented to offer service providers the best solution

for their clients.


Managed services in the main regions covered  by HISPASAT: North and Centre America, South  America and EMEA.


Services and products flexibility for  each vertical (residential internet,  corporative, mobility).


• From the 30ºW orbital position, provision of Managed Services in the Ku band in  Europe and America.

• Through specific satellite, in  61ºW, Managed Services in the Ka band are  provided in Brazil and Mexico.

• Provision of Managed Services  in the Ku band in Latin America from 70ºW.

Provision of Satellite Internet

The satellite internet service architecture consists of the following elements:

HUB: Controls the operation of the network and the management of users and remote stations, the establishment of service  quality policies and the aggregation of traffic for its Internet access. Allows connectivity (via satellite) from remote stations  to the network. It is composed of an earth station (Antenna & Amplifier) and the necessary hardware (servers, modulators,  switches, etc).

Satellite: The satellite operates as a radio repeater which receives the signals, amplifies and retransmits them.

User terminal (VSAT): Final user equipment able to establish a bidirectional transmission with the HUB through the satellite.

It is composed by:

o Antenna

o External unit ODU (BUC/amplifier and LNB)

o Internal unit or modem (IDU)

o Transmission cables and data reception

o Terminal power

o Ethernet cable to connect the router